Electricity Program

The industry has changed. There was a time when a fixed-rate was actually a fixed rate; today we see organizations paying 10, 20 sometimes 40% more than their contracted rate. Purchasing through CPA, you're protected -- we use the collective insight and power of the cooperative to make more informed decisions on suppliers, and to keep them accountable to our members.

With retail choice in electric and natural gas markets, you have the opportunity to “shop around” for a different energy supplier while still receiving line-maintenance and billing service from your local utility. CPA members have taken advantage of this and worked together to save over $900,000 over the past 5 years.

CPA offers the opportunity to aggregate your load with that of others and use the combined leverage to get better pricing and terms. CPA also offers energy brokering services anytime throughout the year. We're happy to give you a quote to compare with your current rate. 

It’s an unwelcome interruption every time we’re up for contract renewal. Now that we’re a part of the co-op, I can lean on the group to make these decisions painless and straightforward.
— Aaron Siirila, Church Business Administrator | Old Presbyterian Meeting House