What do the new PCSB rules mean for me?

Dear DC Charter School Administrators,

We have good news!

The DC Public Charter School Board (PCSB) has made procurement compliance submission requirements much better. For the past few years, many of you have told us how ambiguous exactly what you are supposed to submit is for utility contracts and other brokered deals. Of course, many would point to the footnotes 12 and 13 that highlighted some exemptions, but still the policy wasn’t clear.

As of the November 21, 2016 Board Meeting, PCSB has produced a much clearer policy with 26 exemptions.

Here is the new PCSB Policy:

DC PCSB Procurement Compliance Submission Policy

In particular, they make a very clear list of what exactly is needed for compliance when using the brokered services, cooperative purchasing, utilities or other exemptions. 

For all of you Operations and Finance directors — this should make your life a bunch easier.

Feel free to give us a call or come to our upcoming month’s peer-group meeting to learn how others are feeling about the change.

Want to learn more?

Here is CPA’s Highlights of the Key Exemptions in the form of a few slides:

CPA’s Overview of PCSB 25k+ Exemptions Feb2017

Send Laura or Felipe an email if you have questions.

Felipe Witchger