Cleaning and Maintenance

CPA helps you save on cleaning and maintenance, while helping ensure your building looks it’s best.


Why CPA for Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning services are key to your building looking it's best. Sometimes cleaning providers have a hard time keeping performance at a high level. With our rigorous selection process, we've partnered with providers that have excellent track records, strong wages and benefits for workers, health-based cleaning protocols, and Green Seal certified cleaning practices.

We have a number of preferred vendors that specialize in evening cleaning, facilities management, and HVAC maintenance. Most members come to us when they are either dissatisfied with their current provider or looking to benchmark how much they're spending with other options that are out there. 

Is your cleaning provider not meeting your expectations?

Are you wondering if you're paying a fair price? 

Are you curious how much your provider is paying it's employees?

If yes, to any of these questions, let us know and we'll help you get proposals from a group of our preferred providers. Our proposals come with specifics that detail exactly what each company pays it's workers, including fringe benefits, the company's overhead, profit margin and other components of your total cost. 

Whether it's janitorial services or supplies that you're looking for, we've got options for you.

Juan Diego Enriquez   Building Manager, Temple Sinai   Saved $1,100/yr

Juan Diego Enriquez

Building Manager, Temple Sinai

Saved $1,100/yr

The professionalism and work ethic is beyond my expectations. Michael has shown that he actually cares about what my building needs, and he’s done it with care and kindness.