Solar can help you save big on electric costs. Rooftop, off-site, or community solar. We’re here to help.


cpa co-op solar program

Why CPA for Solar Installation

We've helped 25 organizations go solar in DC and MD and we're putting together a new group right now. Our process leverages a group of organizations that are going solar, and helps them to work together to get the best proposals and work with the most reliable financing and installation partners.   

In DC, the incentives are so good, some participants in our last group were able to get a new roof in the process of going solar, all without paying any money upfront.   

So while in the past, you had to have a new roof, now the reality is different in DC.

No matter what age roof you have... we can help combine the best financing and solar options to help you tackle deferred maintenance projects and go solar without increasing your upfront or on-going operating costs.

How do we do it?

We get proposals from dozens of financing and installation providers and are constantly evaluating the options that are available. We then use a group of committed institutions who are going solar and help them negotiate the best economics available with providers you can count on to deliver what they promise. 

Additionally, we spend dozens of hours working through the contract with each participant, making sure they get the protections and risk mitigation provisions they need to move forward.  It's not very often, that the contract a provider offers you, has the benefit of 300 hours of customer-focused legal insight and provisions geared toward protecting your interests, not just those of the provider.  

 At CPA, we're here to help make the dream of solar a reality for you and your property. Whether it's rooftop solar, carport, or off-site solution, we've got resources to help in DC, MD, and VA.

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