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If you’re looking for the chance to write your own job description, you’ve come to the right place.

The Community Purchasing Alliance is changing business as usual, meaning this is an extraordinary opportunity to level-up in your leadership and build a transformational platform for impact. Just 5 years into our work in Washington DC , we have strong enterprise relationships with the largest DC charter school networks, the most powerful local and regional community organizing groups, congregations of all sizes, religious denominational leaders, and top leaders in the co-op, clean energy, and new economy movements.

We are building something that people haven't experienced before, and it's allowing us to re-direct millions of dollars back towards our most important work.

We can’t write a job description for you, because only you can show up and tell us how your deepest commitments, gifts, and insights,  will meld with the co-op we’ve started.

The beauty is that we’ve only just begun. While we continue building and deepening our appreciation for the vehicle we have today, we’re also dreaming about a new world of possibility over the next 5 years.  We want you to bring the fullness of your experience and talent to be a co-creator with us in that process.

Here’s what we know:

  • We believe our community institutions are essential to re-making our economy.

  • We believe that deep relationships that build trust, create tension, and facilitate collective action form the basis for the new business models to actualize our core values and vision.

  • We believe cooperatives are a critical strategy for uncovering the many ways that industry consolidation, wealth concentration, and dominant ways of operating are hurting our communities, our neighbors and our planet.

  • We believe that working intentionally with our economic actions we can accelerate our progress towards gender and racial equity.

  • We believe that organizing and cooperatives can anchor a more democratic, equitable and just future.

We’re looking for someone who gets excited about the tensions we face as an organization. We’re looking for somebody to come  lead us in strategically approaching and solving these challenges (read more about our challenges here).

If you want the best of both worlds: autonomy and a great team with which to strategize, it’s all here. You can expect great PTO, health insurance, retirement savings, and flexibility.

We’re an agile, driven, and growing team, and we can’t wait to hear how you’ll change the game with us. Take a few minutes to read our FAQ.


Location: Washington D.C.

As a director, you'll co-lead our engagement with DC area members from top to bottom. This includes leading a core program area (like Janitorial, HVAC, or Security) and developing a new program area (like Facility Management, Finance & Accounting). Most importantly, you’ll work with our members every day, as well as refining the infrastructure the co-op offers to help them get business operations, procurement, and facilities management done.

We need your added capacity to (1) take advantage of new opportunities from current members, (2) build out new bodies of work that meet member needs, and (3) reach out to new potential members and begin bringing them to CPA.

Compensation for this position starts at $80,000 and will be adjusted based on prior experience, location, and equity considerations.  (Learn more about CPA Co-op’s commitment to pay equity here. )

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Location: Washington D.C.

The Entrepreneur-in-Residence Position

We plan to hire for four distinct EIR positions.

  • Own & re-develop a core program area (e.g. energy, janitorial, security, copiers, trash) by expanding the value proposition and building the infrastructure

  • Develop a new area (HVAC, facility management, finance & accounting)

  • Sales/Marketing/Recruiting/Fundraising/Strategic partnering

  • Lead development of one of our strategic opportunities / areas of innovation that will likely lead to a new business line or funding that will directly support it’s work.

Each person will “own” one of these key areas of work for 3 to 6 months. CPA will likely be creating more full-time positions in 2020.

Compensation will be $1,500 to $2,200 per month with the expectation of ~10 hours per week. Ideal location is if you’re living in the District of Columbia; Less ideal if you live in the surrounding area. We may consider you, if you’re outside the DC region.


We’d love to hear from you if you identify with some or all of the following statements:

  • You have created or played a critical role in growing an organization from small to really impactful

  • You bring a technical/ business/ consulting mindset and/or similarly relevant experience, that makes you really helpful to our members when they meet you

  • You’ve wrestled with power, the way it works in the world, your own power, and the power you want to make meaningful change in this world.

  • You naturally facilitate great group spaces that build buy-in, sense of relationship, feel productive to the participants, and can move a diverse group of 5-15 toward a shared / common goal or project.

  • You are able to create tension in a one-on-one relational meeting to make change. The other person feels this tension as generous; a gift, a way to see themselves and their purpose and mission more clearly.

  • You have a deep belief in this work, in co-ops and democracy as a vehicle to build power and make significant change

  • You have an ability to learn new markets, industries, contracts, technical things quickly and with ease.

  • You have ambition. You’re driven and motivated around things you care deeply about.