A Great Partnership

We're partnering with New Columbia Solar to help you say goodbye to your old leaky roof and hello to clean and affordable solar energy

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Here are three “this is too good to be true” questions and our honest answers:

Q: Will my new roof be as good as if I were paying for it myself or is the solar company installing something that's "just good enough" for them?
A: Participants can expect to receive a top of the line roof from our solar program. NCS and its roofing partners go through an extensive evaluation of your existing roof, determine how much moisture has accumulated under the surface, and install the roofing solution that's right for your building.  The result is a roof that will last.

Q: What kind of roofers does New Columbia Solar use?
A: New Columbia Solar partners with one of the largest roofing manufacturers in the country and specializes in working with roofing professionals that are master certified to join them on our solar projects, which means that they are fully vetted and have a proven track record of outstanding service.

Q: What kind of warranty will we receive with our new roof?
 A: All roofs come with a minimum 20 year warranty from the manufacturer.           

Ready for a free consultation? Reach out to CPA Co-op’s resident Solar expert Joe Naroditisky for a comprehensive review of your solar options. (Email: joe@cpa.coop)

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