Property Savvy or No?

Is it your full time job to manage a facility? Perhaps you have years of experience behind you, and you feel confident in your property know-how. OR maybe you are like Rev. Martha Clark at St. Augustine’s Episcopal in DC. She told our ED Felipe last week that at her church “none of us are property savvy at all.”

Click the video below to hear Rev. Clark share her testimonial of working with a CPA preferred vendors:

Our network is compromised of charter schools CFO’s, facilities managers of all stripes, and volunteers from small houses of worship across the district. Whether its your first major facilities contract or your 100th, group purchasing can add value to you.

CPA Co-op will add value to you by taking the guess work out of property management.

So property savvy or no, you can rely on the power of our network to make the best and most informed decisions for your facility. It doesn’t take much to get involved. Just send us an email and let us know what’s causing your headaches this week.