We purchased $373,367 of electricity together in Connecticut

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A contract we can trust: The industry has changed - too many suppliers will offer a low price, only to pass-through overcharges later on. CPA rigorously vets suppliers by analyzing the utility bills of hundreds of organizations to see how suppliers perform.  Through this process, CPA is committed to achieving not just savings, but reliability. Constellation is one of a handful of suppliers CPA has pre-qualified to work with the Cooperative based on the strength of their contract, their observed business practices and their overall commitment to transparency and reliability. 

Lightening can strike twice: The seeds of our robust cooperative in DC were planted in 2011, with 10 congregations purchasing electricity together. The overwhelming success of our cooperative energy purchase this week demonstrates that we have the purchasing power to reproduce CPA DC's growth in Connecticut. Last year CPA DC facilitated $16,912,734 of purchasing among more than 100 metro Washington DC organizations across 10 different product and service areas, including energy, facility management, solar, security, and copiers. This saved organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars and relieved an innumerable amount of headaches of administrators like yourself.

Do you want to help build a Cooperative in Connecticut? Reach out to us to say: "Yes, I am interested!" and we will keep you informed as we build the Connecticut steering team.

Are you aware of an organization who would benefit from our next cooperative energy purchase? Feel free to share our energy survey with them:

Lauren Greenspan