We work with the top providers in the industry to help you get up to a 25% discount and better service.


Why CPA for Payroll

CPA works with the two top providers to give members more options. Some organizations rely on volunteers and obviously that's a an affordable option. But when it comes to calculating taxes, keeping up with changing laws and regulations, sometimes a paid service can save you big on unexpected state unemployment taxes or headaches at the end of the year.

Our partners pride themselves on helping organizations focus on what they do best. Each company helps 400,000+ clients every day by processing payroll, calculating, depositing, and filing payroll tax documents. If you're looking for an alternative, give us a try and get a quote from one of two vendors. I'm confident you'll find it worth the effort.

Troy Watson   Executive Director, Emory Fellowship    Saved  $486/yr

Troy Watson

Executive Director, Emory Fellowship

Saved $486/yr

Not only financial savings—this has saved us dozens of hours and many headaches!