An Unexpected Vote of Confidence

Who doesn’t love an unexpected vote of confidence? Last week, we received this  letter from one of our founding members: Temple Sinai. In the letter, Ellen Agler, the temple’s executive director, describes what a difference it makes to work with one of CPA’s preferred copier vendors.  While we love to hear from our members anytime they have a great (or even not-so-great) experience with a vendor, this one came out of the blue and was a great reminder about why we do what we do.

 If you’ve ever known the hassle of switching copier leases, you can appreciate her sentiments below:

“Dear CPA Staff - A quick note to share that, from my perspective as a CPA member, I had such a wonderful experience dealing with the transition at the end of my 3-year copier leases.  We have 2 machines at Temple Sinai and since I’ve been here (2008), every 3 years we need to go through the laborious process of selecting vendors to bid on our copiers and then negotiate lease and service terms.  It is such a time-consuming process, with many details to compare and contrast - the hassle factor is huge for an organization of our size.  Yet we diligently have done it every three years in order to insure that we got products that met our organization’s needs, and at as fair a price and contract terms as we could discern.

Well, this year we ended our first 3-year copier lease term with a CPA preferred vendor.  It was SUCH a different experience, in a good way!  The vendor reached out to us in advance of the lease expiration to find out if our needs had changed, and stopped by with updated proposals.  He explained the slight differences (improvements) between our current and the recommended machines, and got answers to a couple of our questions about capabilities timely.  By sticking with a CPA preferred vendor we got pre-negotiated prices & contract terms – all were straightforward and positive – in fact the price went down slightly!

Making the change is going to happen in a couple of weeks.  For the first time, we will not need to deal with returning equipment or hassles associated with switching leasing companies.  And, all of the programming in our current machines will be transferred to the new ones.  What formerly had been a 2-4 month process and much aggravation with lots of mystery thrown in, is now streamlined, fair and EASY.

Thank you CPA!  We love you!

-Ellen Agler. Executive Director of Temple Sinai"

 The feeling is mutual, Ellen! Thanks so much for the glowing review of our copier program.

-CPA Team