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Since many are feeling more vulnerable, CPA is gathering info about needs for security staffing and equipment / monitoring / access control. 

Are you thinking about making changes?

If so, could you fill out this brief survey? 

Or email with your interest: 

(1) What changes are you considering to security? Equipment, staffing? 

(2) Who are your current providers?   Do you recommend them? 

(3) How much have you been spending? 

Why fill out another survey? 

  • CPA helps 21 community institutions (mostly schools) procure $2.5 million per year in security staffing. Hourly rates range from $30-50 per hour for armed guards & off-duty police offers. More consistent scheduling (i.e. 20hrs/week), helps secure lower rates. We've worked with large national firms like Allied Universal, Whelan, and US Security, as well as local firms like Securemedy, LGC, Blackout and others. CPA's involvement has helped members secure lower hourly rates, more responsive scheduling, and improve overall security, especially in response to emergency situations.  

  • CPA has helped 12 houses of worship and schools solicit & review proposals for more than 160 cameras and has accompanied the installation of more than 70 cameras over the past 6 months. Security cameras costs range between $1,000 - $2,000 per camera and maintenance fees + cloud fees that range from $50 to a few hundred per month.  The market has many players, but there are clear high-end providers like Kastle with higher-end equipment combined with more user friendly experience and others that offer no-frills-get-the-job-done simple solutions that can be functional for the cost-conscious consumer. There are also dozens of other mid-tier providers. CPA can provide vendor and price comparison charts, guidance on features. If you'd like CPA to solicit proposals for you, please complete this form here.

  • CPA responds to participants needs. We can be particularly useful when there is a meaningful group of institutions seeking similar services. CPA can help by not only securing good rates and terms, but by holding vendors accountable for performance over time. This is the unique benefit you get from working with CPA.

  • The more you can tell us about what changes are you looking to make (i.e hiring off-duty police for services & Sunday school; or 10 new cameras) and your timeline (i.e. ASAP or in a few weeks), the more we're likely able to help. 

Can you take 3 minutes to answer our brief security survey  right now? 

Thanks so much,

Felipe & Jessica

PS. Excerpt of Price Comparison - 

Summary from CPA's June 2018 Security Camera RFP


Profiles of 3 of the Companies